OpenGauntlet: Settings File

The settings file (settings.xml) is the main configuration file for OpenGauntlet, and this file should be customised to your needs before running OpenGauntlet with any command line switches.

The settings file is an XML document which contains two main sections; a global section for settings that affect all areas of OpenGauntlet, and a profiles section which defines one or more profiles which run OpenGauntlet for different branches / TFS servers independently of each other

Global Settings

The settings defined in the global section are:

Profile Settings

You can define multiple profiles for OpenGauntlet to run builds on separate branches, projects, or even TFS servers. Most people will probably only want one profile. There are a couple of points to remember if you define multiple profiles:

  1. You can only have one build running for a team project on the same build server. Therefore, if you want to run OpenGauntlet separately for two different branches in the same team project, you will need to run the TFS builds on two different servers. The easy way round this is to create your branches in different team projects if possible.
  2. The shelveset prefix needs to be unique across profiles and other instances of OpenGauntlet, otherwise people's changes will get rejected because they are being run against the wrong branch / project.

The settings available in the Profile section of the settings file are:

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